Monday, November 21, 2011




Gazing up from down below,
Do we see a UFO?
Has it come from Outer Space
To look-in-on the human race.
From this orb, so bright and shiny
Will there soon come very tiny
Little green men with enormous eyes
Who'll look at us with great surprise?
Will they sing a Martian song
And tell us where we're going wrong?
Will they be firm, though quite benign,
And set-about pulling us into line?
Will they tell us that up on Mars,
They don't use guzzling motor-cars?
Will they say our little sphere
As far too full of war and fear?
Will their visit put us right
And will our future days be bright?
No, we can't escape our trouble,
For this is just a floating bubble.

Japanese Garden Gosford NSW


When one thinks of Australia, babbling brooks don't come to mind;
That's not to say they don't exist but they're rather hard to find.
And the waterfalls are often dry; one couldn't say they gush!
The water doesn't surge a lot, or splash down in a rush.
This is the dryest continent on earth, so we are told.
Even on our lush East Coast, water is like gold.
So for pleasant falls of water we must thank the Japanese
Who build us lovely gardens, using their expertise.
Many towns have a Japanese Garden; many gardens have waterfalls.
A lovely change from the buildings and the busy shopping malls.

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Kay L. Davies said...

Sigh. Sigh for the poor Australians. I come from British Columbia, where there are so many waterfalls BC-born Canadians take them for granted. Oh, yeah, more water gushing down the side of a mountain, lah-di-dah, ho hum, there will be another one soon.
After 10 years of living in the desert part of the Canadian prairie, I appreciate my wonderful home province all the more. I couldn't love it any more than I always have, but I certainly appreciate it, as you have just reminded me.
Loved your UFO, too. Some part of my brain recognized it as a bubble, but another part wanted it to be a UFO. Someone has to shake humanity up, big time, before it's too late.