Saturday, May 8, 2010

When the Colours Were Bright

                                                 Gerald Gee


Gerald Gee no longer blogs;
His work is sadly missed.
I daily look for his return
For I'm an optimist.
He painted this when he was young
And London blazed with colour.
He'd use a lot more grey these days
For life has grown much duller!
We shared this London, long ago,
Although without our knowing.
I, too, saw London blare and blaze,
Exciting, vivid, glowing.
For aren't all cities bright like this
When we are are starting out?
The colours burst out from ourselves
With a cataclysmic shout!
So, grey is Gerald's colour now,
And also it is mine.
If you see this, Gerald, drink a toast
In the very best vintage wine!


There are folk who save memorabilia.
Some collections just couldn't be sillier.
There are feathers and stones
And old dinosaur bones
And some other things not so familiar.
There are some who collect antique toasters,
Or various whiskey-stained coasters.
Some collect plaster pigs
Or glass thingummyjigs,
Or tattered theatrical posters!
But Philip collects vintage fans.
Not brooches or catamarans.
His fans are electric;
His choices eclectic,
And they loom very large in his plans.
Some are silver, some blue and some red
And he stores his fans out in the shed.
They are frequently dusted
Although some have rusted,
And they're neatly lined-up overhead.
The collection continues to grow
And he's happy to put it on show.
For he once felt a breeze
From old fans such as these
And that was a long time ago!
The Revelair's one he's desiring
And a Brinsmead he's often admiring,
He thrills to the blow
Of a lovely Airflow,
And an Elcom would stop him perspiring.
He would like an American Eck,
And he doesn't care if it's a wreck.
He puts out his feelers
To buy Crocker-Wheelers
Although he must write a large cheque!
Now Philip, you know we agree
You're as dishy as one man can be.
So increase your collection.
I'm here for inspection!
I'm a fan of yours! Please collect ME!


Anonymous said...

great post...the london story is a little melancholic, but i think it is true, the colour comes from within...and i do like the fan collection...i'm sure it'll be worthy of a museum one day.

Ricepatty said...

Brilliant artwork - I would love to see more. Sad the he is gone.

Sharon Wagner said...

It's not hot yet. So my fans are still dusty...not rusty.

Mrs. M said...

Beautiful painting! Generous use of bright colors.

Kim, USA said...

Beautiful poem! Great colorful painting too. And your fan is amazing. I haven't seen that one when I was young it must be too old, really antique! Happy weekend!

Color Carnival~Daffodil

Carolyn Ford said...

I really like the poem and, sadly, the artist is gone. Beautiful color in the painting and what a cool fan!

Martha said...

Awesome as always and just love that beautiful colorful artwork!

"Lillagul" said...

Lovely painting on London and great poem (so true) !!!
Have a nice week :)

threesidesofcrazy said...

Interesting piece - love the color.

Linda :) said...

How perfect is this for the carnival... Wonderful entry!! :)