Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cougar Country


Maxine and I are long in the tooth 
(Ain't that the truth! Ain't that the truth!).
But most of the time we feel quite spry,
Though it gets tougher as years go by.
And most of the time we don't think of years;
Though people call us 'two old dears'!
But this Cougar thing is an awful leveler!
When it comes to parties and being a reveler 
We have to admit we're not equipped!
We're not pert-bosomed, we're not slim-hipped!
'Ah' you say 'But the modern trend
Is for ladies to have a more youthful ......friend!
Young boys now dally with dames who're mature.
You could take the Cougar route for sure.
Buy some drinks for your youthful date
And then you'll find he wont see straight!'
Sadly, sadly, Maxine and I
Realise  too much time's gone by!
We've moved on to a later stage
And even the Cougars are half our age!


Oh Platypus! Thou art divine!
Thy fur is soft and very fine!
Thy beak is like a duck's and sharp!
Thy claws could play well on the harp!
Just like a paddle is thy tail,
Thy spur is wicked if thou art male!
Thine eggs look very like a hens!
Thou layest them in their nines or tens!
Thy nostrils are a prominent feature!
Thou really art the strangest creature!
Yet thou art a mammal of renown
In the very odd land of Upsidedown.
Note how a sprinkling of 'thous' and 'thy's'
Make a poem sound very wise!


Sherrie said...

Your poems are great! Love the way you think with the Maxine. Have a great day!

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chiccoreal said...

hehahe~ so are soooo good~!