Thursday, May 20, 2010

Botany without Monotony


James May, of British TV fame 
(Most car-enthusiasts know his name)
Decided to give his dice a throw
And invade the Chelsea Flower Show!
Not with living blooms a such!
His exhibit had a childhood touch.
He used plasticine, play-dough stuff,
Although his flowers looked real enough.
He wheedled, coaxed and then cajoled
The British public into his fold.
Chelsea Pensioners, kids from school,
Thousands of people formed a pool
Of people making plasticine flowers.
It took them hours and hours and hours!
The rules of the Chelsea Flower Show
Didn't have a clause saying 'Flowers must grow;
Flowers must be real and thrive;
They must be botanically alive.'
No, they didn't say that, so James dived in,
Never thinking that plasticine could win!
Well, the plasticine garden was rejected
By the Judges, all of them most respected.
But the British Public, with one voice,
Declared James' garden 'The Peoples' Choice'!
Which goes to show that no-one mocks
If you think, with daring, outside the box!


The passion for pre-history
Is something of a mystery.
I refer, of course, to certain little boys.
Why should the little threes and fours
Be so entranced with dinosaurs
Preferring them to all their other toys?
I can't see the attraction here!
There's not much interaction here!
Not much to cuddle that is very sure!
And yet I see Triceratops
Is much preferred to lollipops!
What's the attraction of a dinosaur?

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Inay said...

hmmmm a beauty without a smell...
a character without a life...

a go for a natural thing..

God bless