Monday, May 31, 2010

Petaled Pirouette


Right time! Right place! Co-incidental?
Hardly a shot that was accidental!
A lot of thought went into this pose!
Turning a flower into clothes!
The tulip had to bend just so;
The dancer had to tippy-toe!
She then had to stand as still as rock
While the clever photographer then took stock,
Looked through the view-finder, making sure
That he'd get what he was looking for.
But the result is full of charm;
The tilt of chin, the bend of arm;
The artistry that we always find
When grace and nature are combined.
A trick? No doubt! But it's sublime,
That dancing pose at tulip time.


James Busby was responsible, or so the legends tell,
For descriptions of the local grapes. He described them very well.
But it was reprehensible that all that flowery fuss
Was wasted on some greenery when it so-o-o-o applies to us!
No not to those still young and cute, for that would be absurd,
They should describe maturer fruit! Witness this old bird!

My glass is oh so roundly curved, so comforting to hold
And the wine that's flowing through my veins is made of liquid gold.
Yes, mine is a very fine vintage, circa nineteen-thirty-one!
And yes, that was 'a very good year', (though threatened by the Hun!)
Of course, I'm 'plump and generous', the years have seen to that,
And it's quite clear when I effervesce that they'll never find me flat!

Gentlemen who sample me may try to guess my date,
They'll remark on my maturity and that's absolutely great.
With my earthy taste and my zesty nose (!) I'm elegantly sleek.
There's just a whiff of last year's rose and a tiny hint of teak.
I'm refreshingly unpretentious and I linger on the tongue
I'm a collector's item for I'll never be described as young.

I'm a forward little drop with the depth of plum and even a little spice;
I may be slightly more tart than some, but good value at the price!
My colour is rich and splendid and my bubbles big and bright.
Imagine something syrup-sweet with a sexy, zingy bite!
So look for an ancient vintage when you're hell-bent on a spree.
For, if you are a connoisseur, you're certain to choose ME! 


Joanna Jenkins said...

Happy Sunday!

I am loving the first picture with the beautiful tulip. It's so graceful and elegant and girlie all at the same time. Beautiful!


Annie Jeffries said...

I'm totally charmed by the humor you brought to such an elegant pose. Great thought - yes, indeed.

Kathy said...

Absolutely love that photo! It is artwork.
So very glad I stopped by.
Thank you for visiting my kitchen corner redo!
God Bless,

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Wearing a flower?
Where did the dancer procure
her tulip tutu?

Mellow Yellow Desert Dandelion

fini said...

definitely a masterpiece. great idea and great pose! superb! good job!