Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Twirl and a Grimace



Not a violent movement,
Only a little twirl,
With eyes half-closed and slitty
And lips with a grotesque curl.
I was telling an anecdote
Obviously with emotion,
When Malcolm took this photograph
Of spectacle-twirling motion!

It really is one of the greatest  put-downs of all Cinematic Time!


'Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!'
That's Clark Gable of course,
Before he's turning on his heel
And leaping on his horse!
There's never been a closing line
More positively crushing!
Poor Vivien! She went quite pale,
When, before, she'd been sweetly blushing!
I've always longed to use those words,
With a flourish,  all devil-may-care,
And the other day friend Margie
Presented me with a dare.
'I dare you' she said 'To say those words
To the very first person you meet!
The very first one who speaks to you
In the shops or on the street!'
Well, I'm not one to turn my back
On a harmless bit of fun
So I said 'You're on! I'll use those words
Today! To the very first one!'
So off I set walking to the store
And who should I meet but Herb,
And, as he approached, he suddenly fell,
Tripping over the kerb.
'Help! Help!' he cried; an anguished cry!
I heard him plead and beg,
As he lay in the gutter at my feet
Nursing his broken leg.
It was all bent up beneath him,
It looked decidedly queer,
But I simply couldn't resist the chance
Of saying 'Frankly, my dear....'
'Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!'
I said with my head in the air.
It did look rather nasty,
But a dare is still a dare.
The ambulance siren was blazing;
He just lay there and bled!
Margie will be so pleased to hear
How well I kept my head!

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