Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sorrowful Water



High in the Snowy Mountains Lake Jindabyne is found
And if you listen carefully you'll hear a mournful sound.
It's the sound of a village crying, I'll be bound.
High in the Snowy Mountains Lake Jindabyne appears
Covering habitations of the former lively years
And if you taste the water, you'll taste tears.
Sailing across Lake Jindabyne and gazing in the deep,
You seem to see the village in its everlasting sleep.
Don't fantasise too much or you may weep.
A brand-new lake is picturesque and pleasant in design,
And on a sunny evening all the rippling waters shine
But it's a shroud for a town called Jindabyne.


Alfie met Doug in the street, and he couldn't understand
Why he was taking such great care with the bag held in his hand.
'What have you got in your paper bag? Is it something I can share?
Come on! Be a sport, old chap! What have you in there?
'I've got currant buns in here' said Doug.'I bet you'd like a bun.'
Said Alfie 'If I guess how many you've got, will you give me one?'
'Why!' said Doug 'If you guess right I tell you what I'll do....
As a reward I'll go without
And give them both to you.'


Margaret Gosden said...

Is it a popular tourist site, I wonder. The photo evokes a moody ambience.

Jim said...

Good watery shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Vicki said...

I would like to visit here one day in the summer. I've been told you can dive in the lake and see the remains of the village.

gengen said...

Good capture of the water. happy WW!

Unknown said...

moody indeed. lovely poetry.

Hootin Anni said...

Oh dear, the poem is perfect!!! Love the photo tag along with it too...just picture perfect. Like a post card.

We went birding last's post for my blog is all kinds of coastal bird photos. Do take a side trip over to my place if you can find some time to view many waterfowl.


Have a super day my friend.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

was the lake founded by a dam?

I am curious about one of you PM who was presumed drown.

Water can be deadly, my uncle aged 4 drowned in our river.