Saturday, May 29, 2010



The small boats come, the small boats go;
Day after day, now to, now fro.
The children leap and prance and play,
Here in the shallows every day.
The fish, unseen, swim slow and fast;
The pelicans float proudly past.
The birds swoop swiftly through the sky;
The clouds go scudding way up high.
Only the tree, impassive, grand,
Stands still, locked fast into the land.


Madge was driving much too fast and a policeman flagged her down,
Sternly fixing her with his eye and a terribly  harrowing frown.
'Is this your car' the policeman said. 'Well, no' Madge then replied;
'I saw it parked outside a house and took it for a ride!'
'Indeed!' said the Officer ' Fancy that! What's that parcel on the seat?
Madge began to cry! It was very clear she was starting to feel the heat.
'I confess!' she wept and wailed ' In that bag are human remains!
 I'm afraid I killed my mother-in-law! In there you'll find her brains!'
The Policeman phoned the station....... 'Assistance needed here!
I've apprehended a criminal; a vicious one, it's clear!'
Reinforcements then roared up and Madge was interrogated.
The Officer in Charge soon found that her driving licence stated
That she was the owner of the car! She saw the Policeman wince!
As for the package it was found to be some sausages and mince!
'What the hell are you playing at?' cried the Officer in Charge, bright red,
Accusing the first Policeman of not being right in the head!
And Madge chimed in 'Don't trust him! The next thing that he'll do
Is try to try to tell another lie and say I was speeding too!'

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