Monday, May 31, 2010


                                                                        Gerald Gee

What a lovely word is 'Crick!'
One almost hears the neck-bones click!
'I've a crick in my neck!' we often say,
Hoping that it will go away!
Here's a cartoon by Gerald Gee,
Who always sees things differently.
His sense of humour is unique,
All his characters seem to speak!
This chap's in a trap of his own making!
No wonder that his neck is aching!
This Wide Screen is far too wide!
He scarcely fits from side to side!
His expression says it all!
Clearly he's very much too tall!
Gerald himself  has had challenges physical.
For weeks he hasn't been up to quizzical.
I've missed his blog! I've felt the lack!
I'm very glad he's coming back!



When Sadie stayed with Granny
Granny always did her best
To further her education
So she set a little test.
Sadie was only four years old
So very young and small
So Granny tested her colours
To see if she knew them all.
'What colour is grass?' she questioned
And 'Green' came the answer back.
'And what's the colour of Sootie cat?'
The child responded 'Black.'
'Tell me the colour of lipstick'
The kindly Granny said,
And quick as a flash the answer came...
'I know what it is. It's red!'
When asked the colour of the sky
The child piped up with 'Blue!'
And Granny was delighted
With the colours that she knew.
When Granny was saying her farewells
She said 'Please come again!'
And Sadie surprised her by saying
'You might know your colours by then!'


Joyful said...

That guy in the blue face made me smile. I have a neck like his today. Have a great week!

SmilingSally said...

Two whimsical poems, Brenda. How you spoil us. Happy Blue Monday.

LV said...

What a different and neat post. I loved it.

Unknown said...

Love it! Sadie is lucky to have a Granny who writes her special poems!

Have a wonderful Blue Monday!


Teena said...

What wonderful poetry you write! Thanks for sharing, Happy Blue Monday <3

jlshall said...

Great posts! Sadie is such a cutie, and obviously a very savvy little girl. Love the "Crick" poem - I had a crick in my neck just this morning, so it was very timely!
Happy Blue Monday from Joy at Joysweb

Eden said...

Beautiful poems. Sadie is a pretty little girl. Thank you for sharing.