Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Seasonal Change


Nearly forty years in Australia yet still I find it strange
That the changing of the seasons is such a minor change.
When I was young, in England, the Winters were severe;
Utterly different from Summer! But it's very different here.
These are municipal gardens, just along the way.
They'd been planted out for Winter when I passed the other day!
In June, July and August, when winter's at its height,
These flower-beds will cheer us with colours warm and bright.
Oh, of course, the wind will whistle, and the raindrops will be chill,
But I miss the varied seasons, and I think I always will.
However, that's quite pointless! I migrated to the sun,
And I love my sunny comfort, when all is said and done.
But sometimes, only sometimes, for silly little reasons,
I miss a world where nature brought great drama to the seasons.

I wrote this little verse when I was teaching my young children to differentiate between the 'i' in 'igloo' and the 'i' in 'island.'

(A poem for children)

I've an ice-cream island in my mind
Piled with ice-creams, every kind.
High and wide and shiny bright!
Ice-creams, ice-creams pink and white
An ice-cream island in the sea
With all the ice-cream meant for me!
What a vision of delight!
Ice-cream, ice-cream, pink and white.
On my bike I'd like to ride
Round and round and side to side;
Here a lick and here a bite!
Ice-cream, ice-cream pink and white.
An ice-cream island! Oh what fun!
But what would happen in the sun?
My ice-cream island then I guess, 
Would dribble away in a gooey mes!


Sylvia K said...

Fun, lovely post as always, Brenda! Love your photos and your words! Hope you have a great week!



Another two contrasting poems but such a joy to read.


ksdoolittle said...

I'm loving your poem! You must have been one heckuva teacher!