Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Too Much!

                                           Brenda Bryant


Wasn't it enough that you were beautiful;
That the air was warm, the sea was cool and the sand crisp beneath your feet?
Why gild the lily with such a rainbow board!

To the tune of "Let the Rest of the World Go By."

You must be aware/ That I have a stair,/ That leads up to the rooms above,/ And that is where/ We'll grow more fond / And form a bond./ You'd be foolish to abscond./ If I lead the way, / I know you'll obey, / And learn the little rules of love./ With me as a guide,/ And nowhere to hide,/ You'll soon find out what I'm dreaming of./

For now is the time/ For we two to climb,/ And find our special paradise./ It's so sublime./ You're only young / And highly strung,/ But you'll see my etchings hung./ So come take my hand. / I've got it all planned./ Yes, now's the time to pay the price./ So, don't hesitate./ I'm your ideal mate./ You'll discover I'm awfully nice./


Jim said...

Top surfie shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Everyday Goddess said...

better the board wears the ink than the boarder, in my opinion.

Margaret Gosden said...

The board is fabulous. He loves what he does and the board is a vehicle for his expression when he is not
surfing. And I do agree with Everyday Goddess!