Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Living Flag



Almost like a flag it seems,
With stripes of blue on blue,
With the little pattern of the ships
 That are always passing through.
It's such a very static scene,
Without the slightest motion,
Yet all is movement down below
In the engines and the ocean.
And all is movement up above
In this oh so steady sky.
For, beyond our gaze a million planets
Wink as they pass by.


I wrote this poem long ago when I was a young girl living in England and a Summer storm blew green leaves sky-high.

It's the green leaves, the green leaves that are drifting all around
And the delicate pink petals that are lying on the ground.
Not the ragged scales of Autumn but the glossy spikes of June
And they're drifting, dreaming, dying 'neath a high summer moon.
They will never know fulfillment, never know the harvest time
They have only known glad April and are swept off in their prime.
Not for them the heat of August or the sweet Autumnal breath
But the green leaves, the June leaves, are glorious in their death.


Johnny Nutcase said...

that water is SO! blue, looks appealing!

Sylvia K said...

Great shot and that is BLUE water! Love your words as always and what a delightful poem! Have a great weekend, Brenda!


Jim said...

That's a very 'wide blue yonder' shot.

Margaret Gosden said...

Ships carrying coal, I wonder - dividing the clear blue sky and the sea - nice composition!

Joe Todd said...

Lovely photo and poems. Do you ever write poems for people? e.g. Like for a wifes birthday etc

Kim, USA said...

It looks like the sky and the water are just the same because of the color. Happy weekend!