Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Azure Coast



The Azure Coast, or Cote d'Azure,  is in the South  France.
I do not know it very well but I went there once by chance.
Hitch-hiking round the country, my two friends and I
Were fascinated by the heat, the clarity, the sky.
We felt that it was Paradise, compared to England's grey
And we stayed there for a little while, sleeping at the Y.H.A.
The area has a chequered past, from a thousand years B.C.
And artifacts are discovered there  proving its history.
The Greeks and then the Romans made their marks upon the place
And a history of Barbarians is also one to trace.
For a time it was impoverished, with nothing but stagnation,
Until it had a re-birth as a tourist destination!
Tobias Smollett visited in 1763
And he coaxed the British Royals to spend winters by the sea.
As time went on the area grew popular with Tsars,
Queens and painters, wealthy men and, of course, film stars.
Now for a little boasting and all that that entails.....
The Cote d'Azure looks very much like the coast of New South Wales!

(An Acrostic)

Thought I didn't notice, eh?
Useless to turn the other way!
Right! I saw you wink at Sue!
Not a very nice thing to do!
As you see, I didn't turn a hair!
But if it happens again, beware!
Love is blind? No, not this time.
I view your flirting as a crime!
No! I won't reveal my feelings!
Damn you and your double-dealings!
Empty promises apart
You wont upset my apple-cart!
Each time it happens I'll stay dumb
But one day 'the last straw' will come!


Margaret Gosden said...

Did you know that there is an excellent South African wine called Gote d'zure(!) - it is very inexpensive, too, as many S.A wines are. If only we three hitchhikers,
now in our 70s plus, could do a repeat of our trip from Dover, UK - it would be interesting to see if we
would be totally ignored thumbing our way, or if
our age would prompt chivalrous interest?

Maude Lynn said...

I love the acrostic!

Darlene said...

I once toured the Mediterranean in South France and loved it. If I had come from a cold climate I would have been tempted to stay.

DeniseinVA said...

Thank you for such an interesting post on the Cote d'Azure. It has a fascinating history. I also enjoyed your poem.