Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shadow Shapes



Flowers of all colours blend in a garden plot;
No-one ever bothers as to whether they 'go' or not.
Orange grows by purple, yellow teams with red
And no-one thinks to uproot them and move them apart instead.
It must be the same with shadows made by the passing sun.
The circular and the jagged seem to blend as one.
The baskets and the flower look great by the long straight line;
They're not fighting for position; together they look fine.
Sometimes we can be too careful, sometimes we're too precise.
This jumble of different shadows, in the end, looks very nice.

U.K Election!


Dear oh dear! Democracy
Is not all it's cracked-up to  be!
Look at the awful mess in Spain!
Will Portugal go down the drain?
Look at the votes in the UK!
Can the common man be served that way?
Look at Obama, the great 'Messiah'!
Could situations be more dire?
And, here in Australia, our great hope, Rudd
Is proving to be quite a dud!
Dictatorships don't seem to work!
The man in power may be a jerk,
Killing the proletariat
And proving to be a dirty rat!
And I couldn't stand to live in China!
Where I would be a forgotten minor!
Oh well, we'll do what we always do...
Just muddle through! Just muddle through!


Sylvia K said...

Love your shadow shot and your words, of course! As for the politics -- well, you're right there, too, we'll just muddle through as always!! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Brenda!


Margaret Gosden said...

I wonder what makes that row of neat round shadows on the table which, at first, seem random. The pot of flowers is lost in this pool of light and shadow.

Don't tell me they have elected a democracy in the UK when on this side of the pond they wished Thatcher was back! I will have to check this out today!

Gemma Wiseman said...

You are right! A jumble of shadow shapes can be creative and fascinating! Especially if you can't see what is casting the shadows! Fun verses with a thread of serious comment!

Ralph said...

Flowers of all varieties do not have to be arranged by any formula - unlike man-made items that are perfectly sequenced, any combination of flora arrangements are always fine. The shadows do not collaborate as to who is favored, who goes first - they re all beautiful!

Unknown said...

Love your shadow shot, just beautiful

cat said...

That is a relly interesting photo. You wonder what it is that cast the shadows :)

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