Sunday, May 2, 2010


                                              Brenda Bryant



A scampering! A skittering! It isn't very hard!
A leaping and a dancing and a pounce!
A dashing back and forth across the confines of the yard
All to catch a ball that's in mid-bounce!
A pirouette! An airborne leap! A swoop from north to south!
A head-over-heels that seems to cause no pain!
And as soon as Banjo has that wayward ball held in his mouth
He'll be begging us to do it all again!

(An Acrostic)

Shall I say what's on my mind?
Perhaps she'll take it as unkind!
Every word may pierce and hurt
And I may sound brusque and curt.
Kind words might ease our friendship's way,
If only they were right to say.
Nevertheless, there is no doubt
Gently, gently wont work out.
O.K.! Here goes.....'You've got no hope
Unless you get rid of that dope!
Throw him out then you'll be free!'
(Then, with luck, he'll notice ME!)


Inay said...

hmmmm. uhummmm i can only shot a picture of my dog when he is asleep.

wonderful ideas....

mARTy said...

I like that acrostic;-)