Saturday, May 1, 2010

Witty and Wise



Maxine's creator sets out to say something just for fun.
His lines are simply 'throw-away' when all is said and done.
What could Maxine possibly say that we could view as wise?
Could it be that Maxine's inclined to philosophise?
Take the words she's saying here (ignore the tart expression!);
Surely they are meaningful! At least, that's my impression.
The world is full of people, and it could be that I'm one,
Who think their view of everything is the view of everyone!
Just consider religion! The followers are quite sure
That theirs' is the answer that the world has been breathlessly waiting for!
Take unbelievers such as me! We cannot work it out!
How can religious people never seem to have a doubt?
Yet, I am just as guilty! What I think must be right!
I simply feel that other folk have yet to see the light!
We're all involved in bigotry, believing our own minds,
Shutting-out dissension and thoughts of other kinds.
Maxine is a character designed to entertain,
But sometimes she appears to be a woman with a ......brain!

1 comment:

Inay said...

hmmmm...sometimes I thought they speak the truth,,,but to the end point and underneath it a certain lies is realised.

So i don't believe in what other people say.

Read the bible. And seek.

am listening to this man. And trying to find a fault. hmmm he has a lots of sense.

Bro. Eli F. Soriano