Saturday, May 1, 2010

Patchwork Sky


The sea is flat and smooth as silk.
The light is pale, as pale as milk.
The horizon stretches ruler-flat,
And I wonder what I'm looking at.
Does sea echo sky, or sky the sea?
And am I the only one to see
Two parallel lines where curves are expected?
And light mysteriously mis-directed?
Dark over dark, yet light below;
Light over light yet with dark on show?
Just for an instant the evening sky
Looked thus as I was passing by.
And maybe I was the only one
To see this odd trick of cloud and sun!
Gone in an instant, light and shade,
And the straight lines cloud and horizon made!
Maybe no-one else, at that precise time,
Saw this sight.
Hence, this rhyme!


Darlene said...

I saw this phenomenon of a perfectly 'ruler straight edge' to the clouds when I was in a jet flying over them. It was as if an artist had drawn them in the sky. A rather weird sight.

Yours is even more dramatic as it matches the horizon perfectly. A lovely photo.

LV said...

I loved your shot for today and the words were most appropriate. Nice post.

Inay said...

what i beautiful sight.

I remember my own self now.
as i am looking at that clouds.
a reflection of who I am
and not what i am supposed to be.

So, as i am thinking of that water
it really knocks me down
I thought am looking of someone else
I realized its me and no one else

Thanks for sharing this pic. i hope you can send me one on my email.