Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Fraction

suggests 'HALF' 

I am half father and half mother;
I am the product of two parents.
I'm the product of four grandparents!
Keep multiplying by two....
Back and back and back and back
Way, way out of view!
Go back five hundred years and then
You will surely see
Over a million and a half great-greats
Took a part in creating me!
Which shows I'm very important!
But sadly it's also true
That the same applies to
You and you and you and you and you.............!

(A whimsy about a local beauty spot)
Nelson put his spy-glass to his eye …… his good one.
One wouldn’t want to let a chance go by ….. well, would one?
‘They can keep their Nelson’s Column’ he was heard to say;
‘My top-of-the-range memorial is up at Nelson Bay’.
'I could wake up in the morning while the mist was on the sea.
I could go out on my balcony to sip a cup of tea.
I could watch the spouting whales among the billows far away’
That’s what Horatio would say.
'I could stroll down to the water, where the yachts are moored, perhaps.
Maybe pelicans would greet me and accept my proffered scraps.
While dolphins swimming near enjoyed a harbour holiday.'
That’s what Horatio would say
Poor old Nelson!
He never got a chance
Of giving us a glance;
He was too obsessed with France.
Poor old Nelson!
He never found the Bay,
But, if he'd had his way,
He'd have said 'I think I'll stay!'.
'I could wander down the jetty and enjoy a fishing chat.
I could take my silken hose off and discard my tricorn hat.
I could let my big brass buttons come undone in disarray.'
That’s what Horatio would say.
Nelson was a sailor of renown ......
In history,
And yet he never set foot in our town!
A mystery!
But I’m absolutely certain,
If he’d come our way
He’d have happily dropped his anchor
When he got to Nelson Bay!
'I might dare to go hang-gliding and just drift around the sky.
Or read an old sea-faring book about that Captain Bligh.
And the petty little worries of the world would slip away.'
That’s what Horatio would say.
'If the sun became too hot I could seek out a patch of shade.
I could watch the passing people as I sipped a lemonade.
And if the postman brought me bills I’d throw them all away.'
That’s what Horatio would say.
Poor old Nelson!
A disappointed chap;
He missed out, by mishap,
The best part of the map!
Poor old Nelson!
It really was a shame.
He never, never came,
But he was not to blame.
'I could stroll down to the water as the moon began to shine.
I could sip a pleasant glass of that delicious Hunter wine.
And passers-by would greet me saying ‘Hi there mate! G’day!’'
That’s what Horatio would say.
I admit that the locality
Was unknown in reality.
He never got a single look,
Unlike that well-known Captain Cook.
He had to live his life, I fear,
Up in the Northern Hemisphere,
Never knowing, never guessing
How his name had blessed a blessing. 


Gattina said...

I hope you are right with your calculations, lol ! I am very bad in that ! Good idea for the theme !!

Natalie said...

Hi Brenda, I am in Newcastle too.
Did you ever teach at Valentine?

maryt/theteach said...

Hi, Brenda, I don't participate in Photohunt... I was looking for Maxine on Saturday... Your poetry is amazing for all your posts, I must say! :)

Serline said...

Are those photos all really your ancestors? Wow, lucky you! I don't even have any going beyond my parents...

The Social Frog said...

Great take on the theme :)

Ruby said...

what a nice story..thanks for sharing!

TorAa said...

Very clever done.
I like this post very much;)

DeniseinVA said...

Brilliant! Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, thank you :)

Scott Law said...

What fun. Excellent take on this weeks theme.

TinaW said...

We meet again Brenda!
But this time I've changed names from Anna's Adornments to "Tinas smycken", which is my much-neglected Swedish-language jewellery blog! I thought I would give Tina an airing! So it's Tina's turn to participate in PhotoHunt!
Best wishes,
Tina (or my real name, Christina Wigren)

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