Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sweet Dreams




I visited a perfectionist four or five years ago!
His home was picture-perfect, with everything white as snow!
This shot is of the bedroom, but every room was the same,
With every sort of statuary that anyone could name!
There were angels, there were fairies, there were cupids by the score
And he even had a snow-white carpet lying on the floor!
It wasn't his wife who asked for it, though femininity ruled,
But visitors like us, 'Les Girls', positively drooled!
He'd plastered over the ceiling to resemble waves at sea;
White waves, of course, billowing across in neat virginity.
It was only an urban dwelling, fairly plain on the outside,
But that magic interior was ideal for a bride.
I couldn't have lived in that household, not being a perfect being,
And 'things' to dust and keep pristine were all that I kept seeing!
And I thought to myself what moving-house would ultimately entail!
It wasn't the sort of family home that would ever make a sale!
But just for a pleasant afternoon, with cream-cakes to the fore,
It was an experience.
But I scuttled out the door!

                (Not Greg)

When Greg was three
He said to me
'I want a pookiesat'
I scratched my head
At what he'd said.
What was he getting at?
I'd never heard
This funny word
But he knew what he meant.
I fetched a book
So we could look
And find out his intent.
For quite an age
We turned each page
Then he shouted 'Pookiesat!'
Without a doubt
He'd pointed out
A little Pussy Cat!
And so the name
Has been the same
For every cat we've owned.
We've turned down flat
All names but that
'Pookie's' never been dethroned.


Gerald (SK14) said...

I too can't abide perfectionists who are obessesed with cleaning. Our house manager is such a one and though I love her to bits I couldn't live with her.

Angie said...

That house would freak me out!
Love 'pookiesat'.

Annie Jeffries said...

Far be it from me to be a perfectionist BUT - I've always had a fantasy about living in a plain house with a dramatic interior that surprises the guest and an even more dramatic backyard.

Not likely to every happen but, hey!, it's a fantasy. :-)