Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Art in Miniature.



Carved from a pencil!
Apple peelings made from wood.
A monument in miniature!


A Honey Moon is shining.
Two lovers are entwined.
A boy, a girl, a wedding day,
Only love is on each mind.
The moon is very evident;
It has its part to play.
But 'honey'? That's the oddest thing;
What a curious word to say!
We wont disturb the lovers
By butting-in on love,
But dry-as-dust old fogies
Might enjoy what I'm writing of.....
About four thousand years ago
In Babylon, indeed,
The father of the future bride
Supplied the groom with mead.
This was a rather potent wine!
His love began to grow!
There was lots of bill-and-cooing
When the mead began to flow.
Mead was made from honey
And for a month it was supplied
And the husband was  delighted
And so was the lovely bride.
A 'month's' connected to the moon,
Hence the lunar connotation,
The honey-moon was that sugary time
Before deterioration!


Ralph said...

We don't often see an item that is made for work that is transformed far from utilitarian to artistic. The prettiest pencil (of sorts) I have seen...

I like honey, I forget about the sugary carbs and enjoy the test in many foods. And why not wine? The mead seems like the ultimate item to be made from the nectar of the honeybee...

Inay said...

hmmmm... a romantic one...

this i love...

God bless