Monday, May 3, 2010

Say Cheese!



You couldn't get much yellower than this!
It's just about as yellow as you please!
For sure this must be twitchy-whisker bliss!
Life inside a world that's made of cheese!
But when this little chap has had his fill
And he plans to leave to search for pastures new,
He won't get back to Mummy
Because of his bulging tummy!
And then, I wonder, what's he going to do?


Coca-Cola is something that most of us have seen,
But did you know that, in the past, it was coloured green!
Mohamed is the favourite name for little boys at birth;
There are more Mohameds that anyone else on earth!
You've used it when you've chattered; you've used it when you've sung;
The strongest muscle that you've got is the one we call the tongue.
Butterflies taste nectar with the bottoms of their feet;
That's why the insides of their shoes always taste so sweet!
It's been proved that elephants don't know how to jump!
If they could it's certain that they wouldn't be so plump!
So stop looking as puzzled as the gentleman at the top!
You can look relieved instead, for this is where I STOP!


Kim, USA said...

Yeah I will quit looking puzzled ^_^. Happy Monday!


MYM said...

haha-very cute!

eileeninmd said...

Funny post and title. Have a great week and Happy MYM!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Wee little mousie,
you’ve gnawed a new cheese housie—
snug yellow abode.

Light-and-shadow play

Faythe said...

What a cute little mouse! I find on my 1st MYM!! My blog name is GrammyMouse! LOL! I am playing and love seeing the world through my monitor. I have Mr. Linky as well.

Birgitta said...

So cute :)

Daniela said...

Hi hi , that first one is so adorable :)