Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Scaredy Cat!




Chosen because of the red bed-clothes!
But chiefly because of the feline pose!
I came across this skittish sight
When I was surfing the web last night!
My friend, Margaret's, fond of cats
But maybe not when they're acrobats!
This cat looks really scared to me,
Not filled with joy and frivolity.
I'd love to know how this shot was posed!
I wonder if it will be disclosed!
If it's your cat please let me know
And I'll write it in the space below.
Till then, enjoy the ruby sheets,
And not the cat's amazing feats!

Paddy was in a quiz show that was showing on TV, 
But the final question befuddled him, as you will quickly see.
'What is the name of a well-known bird that doesn't build a nest?'
This was the tricky question that had put him to the test.
Over and over he'd mulled it but finally, in the end,
He had to admit defeat and say 'Please can I ring a friend?'
So he rang up his good friend Shamus, who was waiting by the phone.
Shamus picked up the phone as soon as he heard the dialling tone.
' It's Paddy' the contestant said ' I've a tricky question here.
I'll say it very slowly and speak up loud and clear.
'What is the name of a well-known bird that doesn't build a nest?'
'Begorrah! That's too easy! Surely you could have guessed!
Said Shamus 'The bird's a cuckoo! You should have known the name!'
Paddy gave the answer and went on to win the game!
He won a lot of money and he wined and dined his friend
For he was now a wealthy man with lots of cash to spend.
'Tell me, Shamus' he said to him 'You weren't too bright in school....
And yet you proved at the right time that you are no-one's fool!
How did you know the answer?'  And didn't he get a shock
When Shamus said
'Well, everyone knows a cuckoo nests in a clock!'


Inay said...

what a sight
for a kitty to be frightened
God bless

nature ramblings said...

Great cat photo! I really enjoyed the Cuckoo Clock poem. Very cute!!! Thanks for sharing.

Jo said...

Hi Brenda;) our newly acquired Sudanese kitten often displays this type of Scaredy Cat! Oh and I LOVE the punchline in your second poem.

Johanna S said...

Cool catphoto - haha!

Lola said...

Love the cat shot! Wonderful!


Margaret Gosden said...

One day I will show you a shot or two of a cat reaching for something dangling! This one is a
happy capture of a rare moment. Thanks for the thought!