Thursday, May 6, 2010

Paddington Lace



How I love the style and grace
Of this house feature......Paddington Lace!
It's an old Victorian decoration
Still revered throughout the nation.
San Francisco has the same
Though there it must have a different name.
'Paddington's' part of Sydney City.
But wherever it's found, it's very pretty.



Three women up before the Judge were speaking at full spate;
The Judge, because of their chattering, just couldn't concentrate!
'I know what happened!' blurted one.
'Why! You weren't even there!'
'What do you know about it Rose?'
'Let me speak!'
'That's not fair!'
As soon as one began to speak another would interrupt,
Until the Judge grew tired of it and his tone was quite abrupt.
'Ladies! Ladies! Stop!' he said; 'I'm about to make a ruling.
And anyone who breaks my rule will find that I'm not fooling!
The OLDEST one among you is the first one to be heard!'
And, strangely, there was silence!
Nobody said a word!


EG CameraGirl said...

The Paddington Lace is lovely! It reminds me of of the Victorian detailing in Canada, which we call bargeboard and/or gingerbread.

Love the poem about the three women and the judge. :)

James said...

Great choice for a sepia scene. The details and texture looks great.

Margaret Gosden said...

Very attractive but why in sepia - what is the original colour, I wonder.

maryt/theteach said...

Brenda, we drove through Paddington when we were in Sydney and saw all these beautiful houses... We didn't know the name of the exquisite decorations. I'll be including your phot in my sepia scenes collage...