Saturday, May 15, 2010

Let It Rain!



In colourful raincoats such as these
A rainy day would be a breeze!
They'd keep the rainy weather out
And cheer us up without a doubt.
Wear pink! Think strawberry ice-cream.
Think yellow like a sun's bright beam!
Think orange! Summer juice that flows.
Think red! A glorious ruby rose!
Think white! Snow on the mountains high!
Think cream! The clotted sort we buy!
Wear purple and think summer nights.
Wear green! The forest's leafy heights!
And finally wear bright sky blue
The sky we'll see when the sun breaks through.
Whichever one of these bright hues
You finally decide to choose
You'll know you'll brighten up the view
Of all the other people too.


(Australia's Past) 

We intend to master
Everything that's faster,
Wider, taller, bigger, more bombastic.
We have set our sights on
New ways to turn our lights on
And technology grows more and more fantastic.
But there was once a race
Who had regard for place;
For whom the laws of nature still held sway.
They live among us yet
And we must not forget
The lessons that they still teach us today.

Took a walk one sunny Saturday, through Awabakal Reserve
And the gums were cool and shadowy where the bush-track made a curve.
And it seemed that I was all alone like a Koori from the past,
With all the world my oyster, before the die was cast.
There were fruits and nuts surrounding me, there were insects by the score,
And I had no need of credit cards: I could just take more and more.
And the sea was full of fish for me, and the rivers ran so pure,
And the laws were just and certain and the way of life secure.
Should the winter winds assail me, there were furs to wrap me round,
There were native birds to call to me and make a cheerful sound.
And the rubbish in my middens soon returned back to the earth,
And my 'place' was all I needed and I understood its worth.

But I came back to reality! Once again I was just me,
And I missed the great tranquility of the days that used to be.
Though I'm wedded to my way of life and I know I can't return,
In my heart there is affinity with the bush-track and the fern.

We all know the world's gone mad
And we yearn for what they had,
And we can't help thinking back to way back then.
But a gentle country stroll
Has the power to ease a soul.
In Awabakal we learn to live again.


Mrs. M said...

Colorful raincoats!
Yes, let it rain!

We are waiting for rainy days here. The whole country is trapped in heat.

Have a nice weekend!

Mrs. M

Jama said...

It's rare to find adults wearing rain coat here, but with those beautiful colors I don't mind owning one! I want the blue one.....but the pink one is nice too....can I have all then? lol

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» thanks you for visiting San Francisco Bay Daily Photo!

Euroangel said...

i need sunshine now! it's been raining since two weeks now...nice image!

Kim, USA said...

Those raincoats are so colorful!! I like the red one. Happy weekend!

Color Carnival

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I love it, R.R., great photo for the CC. Thank you.

msdewberry said...

We need raincoats like that that might make all the rain we can get fun to go out in. Its coastal rain here and there can be lots of it.
Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you come back soon!

Monica said...

With all the color options how can you be sad about rain? =) Fun photo for this theme.

"Lillagul" said...

You really get happy to see the colorful raincoats and read your rhime to it :)

kbear said...

Love the rainbow colors of raincoats!!!

Martha said...

You never cease to amaze me! :-)

Wildhearts said...

Lovely colors!