Friday, May 7, 2010

The Eye

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He knelt down on the carpet and looked up at my face;
He was a prime example of perfection, charm and grace.
His body lithe and deeply tanned, his hair so crisp and dark;
His teeth all white perfection, without one marring mark.
His voice was low and musical; it throbbed as he spoke my name;
His hands were strong and masculine, to suit his athletic frame.
But it was the eyes, those great blue eyes, that almost made me faint!
They were the eyes girls dream of; those of a passionate saint!
This was a man I could cling to! This was a man to adore!
Then, suddenly, one eye fell out and rolled down on the floor!

(One for the Children.) 

Baby met a Bunyip and said 'How do you do!
I never, never, never, saw a creature such as you!
You buzz just like a bumble bee; you're brown just like a bear;
You sit beneath a banyan tree and brush your bushy hair.
Your eyes are bright as buttons and you bark just like a bird!
Your nose is like a buttered bun! Now isn't that absurd!
You're made of lots of bits and bobs and none of them agree!
But let me tell you, Bunyip.... you look beautiful to me!
(A Bunyip is the Australian equivalent of the Yeti.)


Catalyst said...

Love it!

Berowne said...

Good iambics. Congratulations.

Helen said...

No need for 'sorry' .... it was a wonderful read.

Amity said...

What a lovely double treat of a poem!

The first one, I was like imagining a knight in shining armor, a man of my dreams,, then suddenly the eye popped! waaaaaa...artificial eyes?

Btw, I wrote a poem on Mother’s Day dedicated to my mother and which I also dedicated to you; being also a Mom like me…please drop by to read! Thanks. Love, Amity…

Yemalla said...

Oh, don't be sorry! That was great!

JeffScape said...

I'll make sure to glue my eye in properly the next time I am out on the town. Hehehe.

Lisa said...

Hell, after the gents I have met in the past years since my divorce, if his only flaw is a glass eye that pops out now and again, SIGN ME UP FOR THAT TOUR OF DUTY! It's better that his eye falls to the ground, and not his trousers as he lowers his morals!

:) Lisa

joanna said...

a great magpie tale -- a little like life don't you think -- prince charming has a flaw as we all do. And this poem rings with a good sense of humor.


Lyn said...

Well, nobody's perfect..sounds like he'll do in a pinch!
Well done...

Brian Miller said...

ha. brilliant. appreciated the chuckle this morning...we all have our flaws...smiles.

Sheri said...

this was perfect!! my heart was swept away and then landed smack down on a very hard floor as his eye rolled about :) i loved every minute of being here today, such a terrific magpie!

Tess Kincaid said...


Tumblewords: said...

What fun - better an eye drop than brain shortage. :)

Caty said...

no apologies necessary...way to be unpredictable. very fun magpie!

~T~ said...

I love the eye, and the bunyip, too!

Steve Capelin said...

I love a surprise ending. Very funny.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

what fun and remarkable piece!

Bryan J. Bailey said...

Well I want to see a Bunyip....

Anonymous said...

Perfect, no need to say sorry. Poetic license you know. This was a fun prompt.

Suz said...

Oh such good comments you received
It was a delightful fun poem
that I'm sure would read outloud