Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Elephant in the Room!


It's hard to ignore, so I presume,
A hulking great elephant in the room!
You'd hardly look up with a cursory glance
If an elephant entered the room by chance!
Here is the foyer of an hotel!
Will he walk to the desk and ring the bell?
Or will he do a trumpeting laugh
And quite demoralise the watching staff?
See them cowering on the right!
I think they may have got a fright!
I was once in a Game Reserve
When, coming round the bush-track's curve,
An enormous elephant , great head nodding,
Came towards us, slowly plodding!
We were in a four-wheel-drive
But we scarcely expected to stay alive!
One great foot could have squashed us all!
Him so big! And us so small!
The Ranger said 'We must just reverse!
Staying would be a great deal worse!'
So, slowly, the car was backed and backed,
While we all hoped to remain intact.
The reversing seemed endless, ages passed,
The track was narrow; we couldn't go fast.
And that great elephant kept on coming,
The whole effect was simply numbing!
At last we reached a wider track,
Turned and drove off. We didn't look back!
But I sympathise with the folk above!
I know just what they're thinking of!
There really is a sense of doom
When you find 'the elephant in the room'!


We have a small museum in the centre of our town
And it's merely someone's house that's been preserved.
The artifacts inside it are normal household things
Given the rapt attention that's deserved.
They date from the nineteen-fifties, when people washed by hand,
And did many other chores the same way too,
And here we see the Curator telling my grandson, Blake,
What work the wash-boards were supposed to do.
It's a picture of no consequence, and yet I think it's sweet;
Blake's rapt attention lighting-up the scene.
I wonder if he remembers that day so long ago
Every time his clothes get tossed in the machine!


Jo said...

Brenda;) I remember seeing sequence of photos of this elephant entering a reception area in a South African game reserve. There was a photo of the receptionist standing quietly (frozen?) behind the counter! What a lovely poem to depict the feeling of being in the path of these great creatures. Have a wonderful week.

Kcalpesh said...

Beautiful poem Brenda! Loved it!

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Diana said...

Your poem reminded me of the movie "Elephant Walk" with Liz Taylor. Ever see it? After seeing that movie and reading your poem, I felt the fear!
Very nice Brenda! Love Di ♥

Gattina said...

That's a nice poeme ! Unfortunately elephants are a little too big to keep them as a pet, although I love them, lol !