Monday, May 3, 2010

Blue Sky Ecstasy

                               Maxfield Parrish



In my heart I already know that this is not great art.
I realise the 'chocolate box' has played a vital part.
Yet something about the pose, the movement and the light
Re-ignites old memories of teenager delight.
I recall being this young, this hopeful and this new.
I recall clouds white as this, and skies such a brilliant blue.
I recall the sun on my face, not burning but caressing;
I recall the whole world poised to bless me with its blessing.
I recall a time long gone when perfection was my goal;
When the world was an enormous stage and I had a special role.
So, if the artist painted  a dream that resonates with me
He has fashioned magic, though 'pretty' it may be.

To the tune of 'Autumn Leaves'.

The world is full
Of lovely creatures
Who tease the heart
And thrill the mind.
I feel the pull
Of lovely features,
Though I'm not smart
And Fate's unkind.
But there's one I know
Who's set apart
In this crazy show
She holds my heart,
And I know she'll never even notice
How much I yearn for her love.
When I'm so low
And so degraded
Why should she smile
A smile at me?
A brief hallo
That's so soon faded
And, in a while,
Just memory.
Yet she's in my heart
And there she'll stay.
From the very start
I've felt this way.
And I know she'll never even notice
How much I yearn for her love.
Her silken dress
Sways with her movement,
Her silken hair
Blows in the breeze.
I'm so much less;
There's no improvement!
I'm in despair
For love's a tease.
For a million years
I know that I
Could cry a million tears
Till eyes were dry!
And I know she'll never even notice
How much I yearn for her love.


maryt/theteach said...

How lovely, Brenda! :)

Serline said...

We've all been through this, but "better to have loved and lost, than never loved before"...

helenabelle said...

Mary~What great thought provoking photos and poetry!
Thanks for sharing,
The Tattered Tassel

SmilingSally said...

That is an interesting picture; her clothing looks rock-like. Happy Blue Monday, Brenda.

gengen said...

Just beautiful! Happy blue Monday.

LV said...

A very touching post. May you have better days ahead with good memories.

Lara Harris said...

Very pretty! I think it's a lovely painting!

Pie said...

Lovely post! Happy Blue Monday.

My Blue Monday.

Cindy said...

Lovely post!