Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Board Walk


 'Under the Board Walk' I've heard of,
But this one is flat to the ground.
It's a wonderful spot for an afternoon walk
With a dear little boy, I have found.
The knots in the wood fascinate him;
He looks with intent down each hole,
So the walk is much more like an amble
As we have no particular goal.
With the sea and the ships in the distance
And Redhead, the town, up ahead,
Who cares where the Board Walk has come from?
Who cares where our footsteps have led?
This is a case of being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time!


Toby went up to Heaven because he'd recently died,
And he saw the Gate of Heaven and he hoped to go inside.
But Saint Peter was on duty at the entrance with his pen,
Waiting to do a character-check on Toby and other men.
'Your record's looking pretty good' Saint Peter said and smiled;
'You've done more good than bad, I'd say, since first you were a child,
But I require some very special deed to clinch the deal,
Some mighty act of kindness you've committed with great zeal'.
A grin spread over Toby's face; 'Well, that's not hard to tell!
I did an act of kindness that will suit you very well!'
Saint Peter, looking genial, prepared to bend an ear,
So Toby commenced his story saying 'Well, it was like this here……
I was driving my car in the Bad Lands, enjoying a short vacation,
When I chanced upon a sweet young girl in a dangerous situation.
She was being attacked by a bikie, as the rest of the gang stood by,
And I knew if I didn't rescue her the poor young thing would die.
I shot out of my car like a bullet, prepared to go to her aid,
I felt mighty and invincible, courageous and unafraid.
The attacking bikie was seven feet tall, with a great big woolly black beard,
But I squared-up to the varmint as the bikies stood and cheered.
I wasn't afraid of his nose-ring, his muscles or awful tattoos,
My anger was so, well, righteous that I knew I couldn't lose!
I biffed his nose, dragged his helmet off, and  shouted 'Leave her alone!'
My voice was so authoritative, with such a commanding tone!'
'Well done!' said Saint Peter admiringly 'Now I need the date, you know.'
'That's easy' answered Toby,
'It happened five minutes ago!'


wenn said...

nice place! interesting story!

cat said...

That looks like a perfect place for an nice long walk :)

Tammie Lee said...

I love how your poem is so wonderful with your photo!

gengen said...

Wow that looks pretty place to walk...Happy SS!

Mine is here