Friday, May 14, 2010

The Audience

                                        Brenda Bryant


Amateur night at the local hall!
As they say 'Tonight's the night!'
On the audience the dark will fall,
While guitarists bask in light.
There's Mother there and Auntie Grace,
So they know they're among their friends.
And what applause will rock the place
When the concert finally ends!


A Poem for Children. 

I'm an average alligator and I amble on my way,
Absolutely affable and happy every day,
Nibbling on an apple pie or something of the sort,
But I'd rather eat an astronaut!

I'm an average alligator and I amble in the sun,
Never causing aggravation; having lots of fun.
Nibbling on an avocado, getting nice and fat,
But I'd rather eat an acrobat!

I'm an average alligator and I amble to and fro.
My appetite is ample and its quite inclined to grow!
Nibbling on some little ants and abalone stew,
But I'd rather make a meal of YOU!

1 comment:

Inay said...

hmmmm...local concert it may be..
but it looks they hit it good...

that poem is scary for little girls don't you think...

God bless