Tuesday, May 18, 2010




How does this shot affect you?
Could you be the man in red?
Or do you picture yourself up there
And shy away with dread?
I find that I'm fascinated
Even though I am repelled!
My skin crawls with apprehension
And the fear will not be quelled.
I don't think that it's vertigo;
I can take heights as a rule.
And my school-marm side is adamant
That the man in red's a fool!
It's just that I know, were I up there,
I'd be drawn to that empty space!
I'd see myself floating off the cliff
With elegance and grace!
I can hardly look at the picture
And yet I can't look away!
I wonder how it affects you!
Do you feel the same way?


They were so slow......
Yesterday's Years.
Between birthday and birthday
Stretched a gulf
Across which
One could not even see,
Even shading one's eyes!
Were divided from each other by
Great stretches of Nothing.
The wait for a promised holiday
Was torture,
As days passed
And it grew no nearer.
'I can't wait!'
We said.
Surely The Grownups
Could make it happen sooner!
Even a day was long.
When one went to bed
One could not envisage the day's earlier wakening:
It was too far removed!
A visit from a favourite Aunt
Was cause for untold hours of waiting,
Nose to window,
Breath held in suspension!
Then, suddenly,
About thirty years ago,
Life started to gallop!
Last Month turned into Yesterday!
Birthdays started
To fall around me like confetti!
One Christmas
Held on to the tail
Of the one before!
They danced the conga
Lined up behind each other!
Nor have the years reached
A respectable speed
And kept to it!
Even as I write
They accelerate!
The G-forces will get me
If I don't watch out!


Kim, USA said...

Oh no the first photo makes me nervous ^_^

Ruby Red Tuesday

Ralph said...

Well, we all assume that he is aware of the danger before his time of reflections of life on the ledge edge. I do not have that level of confidence (or recklessness) to stoop upon that precipice...

I hear you about age and the speed of such. I hope as I age more, the speediness is offset by more a better and more thoughtful set of actions. 'More experienced' sounds better than 'older'

Becky said...

Oh, nice shot. It would make me nervous! Good choice for Ruby Tuesday.

Jama said...

I hope nothing happen to that person, I would freak out if I'm there!

Tussy said...

You make me scared, it is beautiful shot ..but lonely in a way.

Lovely song too, I think it is too long to be just poem.

My Inspiration
My Ruby Tuesday

Inay said...

I hate heights....

I can't even walk on that large pile of hedge...


And just count the blessings and not the years

the flakes of dried skin is up to my hair...

so rather count the blessings and happiness that I made...

and sure the years that goes by is gone away...

Margaret Gosden said...

I wonder what he is thinking about!

Lesa said...

Spectacular but it freaks me out!
I couldn't do it!

Marites said...

gee, the first photo looks really scary.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

life's journey said...

First is so scary at the edge..happy RT!

Johanna S said...

Love the shot at the top bud i freaks me out! I would never do that :)

Hootin Anni said...

I, for one, would sure as heck NOT be sitting there! Oh my goodness.

FLAGSHIP - Ruby Tuesday

Ron Cooper said...

The man in red's a mystery
A real big question mark
We don't why he's perched there
Is it on purpose, or on a lark?
Whither he goes on the very edge
I won't be with him on that ledge!




Annie Jeffries said...

Just looking at that picture made me dizzy.

Daniela said...

Amazing shot, and even more amazing that someone would sit like that : )