Thursday, December 6, 2012



(A rondelet)

The rains have come

And all the fields are silver-grey.

The rains have come.
The children scatter at their play.
The raindrops dance a sky ballet.
The rain-lashed trees all bend and sway.
The rains have come.

The Rondelet is a French poetry form meaning “round.” It is one seven-line stanza with a 3-peat refrain, using only two rhymes. Each line has 8 syllables, and each refrain has 4 syllables with a pattern of 4/8/4/8/8/8/4. The refrain lines may be varied with punctuation use, but must use the exact same words. The rhyme scheme (with refrain) is A/b/A/a/b/b/A.



A spelling mistake? Ah no, my friend.
'Unique' was not intended.
This word means just the opposite,
And it must be defended.
Let us consider iPads......
We see them everywhere.
They're suddenly flooding the whole world
And we all want a share.
In other words they are 'ubique',
For they're seen on every hand.
'Unique' means there is only one;
'Ubique' means in demand.
Although by no means a philanthropist, I have been very involved with big-hearted people in the last two days. Firstly, I attended my VIEW club dinner. This is a club set up to support the Smith Family, which, in turn, raises money for the disadvantaged. We are quite a small group, but we pay all the expenses of one poor school-child, for instance. Then, yesterday I was asked to read some of my poems at a Craft Group dinner. I went expecting another small group, but there were over a hundred women there, who meet regularly to pursue their hobby, chat and support the local hospitals. I was amazed when the President read out the statistics! Items made and sold at the hospital raise an enormous amount of money. We tend to see so many bad-doers on TV that we forget that there are millions of worthy people on earth. Here were two of them dressed to kill!


Roger Owen Green said...

What a great word for SCRABBLE!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

vivinfrance said...

Two lovely little poems, Rinkly. I remember ubique from school Latin lessons - everywhere.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Awesome explanation of Ubique!

Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Lmkazmierczak said...

Ordinary Words....a heartening post♫ Love the rhymes and the good deeds♪

Margaret Gosden said...

Love RAIN and the note about the structure of one of these tight rimes. That is my cup-of-tea! Both rimes are great. Another plus is the use of a bold type!