Monday, December 3, 2012

Last Christmas, Last Week


Last Christmas should seem far away,
Lost in the mists of Christmas Day.
There should be years between then and now
Space and forgetfulness anyhow.
I remember that, as a child,
I would drive my mother wild
By begging for Christmas to come soon,
A maddening oft-repeated tune.
Now I'm frequently heard to say
'Surely Christmas was only yesterday!'
The seasons came galloping nose to tail
And Christmas, considered a Holy Grail,

Hung on the coat-tails of the last

Because the year had gone so fast.
I find there' s a limit to my delight
If Santa's time-off seems too slight.
I confess to some ho-hum
And think 'Does he really have to come?'
But I'm considered as a freak
When I'm saying 'Was it just last week?'


We've a brand new baby in our family,
Chocolate-coloured and very cute, as anyone can see.
She's chewing on everything in sight, knocking over her water bowl,
But she's  a hit with everyone, a gentle little soul.

1 comment:

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

As we age time does distort, doesn't it? Wonderful poem, as always!