Monday, December 24, 2012

A Ray of Hope


A ray of hope flickers in the sky;
Maybe our dreams will come true by-and-by!
I doubt it though.....they've not come true before;
More of the same is what we have in store.
Is that a pessimistic note you hear me sound?
Why no! There's so much kindness spreading all around.
The baddies aren't the only ones we meet;
Think of the neighbours living down your street!
For sure there will be criminals and fear
And maybe there are more of them each year.
The population of the world keeps growing
So ill-will flourishes  and it's not slowing.
But as our species grows and multiplies
So will more goodies spread before our eyes!
Next year I am quite certain you will find
More people who are generous and kind!
Evil will not be wiped-out, this I know,
But watch the fund of goodness grow and grow!


 A fellow was sipping some port

When  he shouted 'It's not the right sort!'

His  host cried 'You cad!

It's the best that they had!

And yours was a stupid retort.'

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