Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Unfrocking

(who supplied the first line)


A fellow who needed a doc

Decided to take off his frock.

When his visit began

He appeared as a man!

And the doctor passed out with the shock!

(who chose the photo)


' I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders'

Said Sue with a downcast expression.

I was her current psychiatrist

And this was our very first session.

We sat face to face in my surgery

And I saw that she looked very sad.

I decided that I'd boost her confidence

And send her away feeling glad.

' Now  now, dear' I said, very gently

'You know you don't mean what you say.

You're young and you're fit and you're wealthy!

Just drive all those sad thoughts away.'

I spoke in this way for a good hour.

She sat stony-faced all the time.

'The world on your shoulders!' I teased her,

'Why! You are a girl in your prime!'

She suddenly stood up before me!

She ripped off her blouse and I saw

That the weight really WAS on her shoulders!

As she went out she slammed shut the door!
A full-on day today. I very nearly double-booked myself, but I was able to change the time of my first appointment so that I could fit-in both jobs. First I went to The Place, in Charlestown, and entertained the members of the Tuesday Club with some of my comic poetry.
Here I am performing.
And here is a delightful shot of Yvonne, who kindly escorted me to the club. I've become rather a nervous driver in my old age!

Then, at lunch-time, the Merry Mellows performed 'Cindy Eller' for the Kahiba Bowling Club.
Here are the ladies lunching, dressed rather festively.
And here we are in a side room enjoying our lunch too.
Betty made a very ethereal Fairy Godmother.
(I put her in because she reads my blog!)
Pam and Loretta are attractive ladies but they make delicious Ugly Sisters. And Maureen always gets the hero parts because of her healthy tan!
Carole was back with us again.
And I just love this group photo that someone took to round-off our Merry Mellows Year.
Thanks 'girls'!


Pratibha said...

Fun poems and so much loved looking at the pics :)

You sure had a gala time !

Helen said...

Blue Ribbon, Gold Medal, A+ for both poems! I love looking at photos of your friends and the festivities. Thanks for sharing.