Sunday, December 30, 2012



(A Haiku)

The eager mind waits

For the pictures to arrive

And convince the eyes.



Once there was a wealthy sheik who was seriously ill.

He went to a well-known doctor who was famous for his skill.

Said the Doctor 'I can operate but your blood type is so rare

That without special blood to treat you I simply wouldn't dare

Attempt an operation! I'll try to find a donor

Even if I have to go as far as Barcelona!'

A worldwide search threw up the name of a Scotsman name of Mack

Who was really down on his luck and living in a shack.

The Scotsman gladly gave his blood and the Sheik was so impressed

That he showered him with presents from his bottomless treasure chest.

Along with fifty thousand dollars he gave him stocks and shares

And soon there was an improvement in poor old Mack's affairs.

Sad to say, the operation was not a complete success

Which caused both Sheik and Surgeon a great deal of distress.

'I must operate on you again' the  Doctor said at last.

The operation was successful and, for Mack, a gift arrived

From the ever-grateful  Sheik who was so glad that he'd survived.

It was just a box of chocolates and Mack   was rather vexed.

He had hoped for money and, in truth, he was perplexed.

He wrote to the Sheik 'Excuse me. I don't like to complain

But I expected more from you when I gave blood again.'

The Sheik replied 'Please understand , that was all I could allow.

Don't forget I have Scottish blood flowing in me now.'

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