Wednesday, December 19, 2012


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I was having a little winter doze

When she suddenly dresses me in these clothes! 

A bright red coat and a matching hat!

(I got a funny look from the cat.)

Then she picks me up and we go outside

And I think we're going for a ride.

But no! I'm dumped in the driver's seat.

My mystification is complete.

Then I hear a scratching up above.

Chickens love to squawk and shove.

Chickens? This is even stranger!

(I think her mental state's in danger.)

She puts my paws up on the wheel!

 'Stay!' she says. How silly I feel!

Then she takes a photo........  Well, here it is.

How ridiculous! Gee whiz!



Worms are hardly things of beauty!

They wriggle  and they've got no eyes.

But they set-to and do their duty,

And so we should not despise

Their lowly lives and boring features,

For they labour and they toil....

These  most despised of slimy creatures.....

Aerating all our garden soil.

We glory in the pretty flowers,

Forgetting that they all abound

Because the worms are working magic,

Out of sight and underground.