Saturday, December 1, 2012

Accidental Romance



Accidental delights
Are hovering all around.
In the strangest accidents
Humour can be found.
Someone with a clever eye
Happened to see this......
Two innocent little petals
Pursing for a kiss.



It held an important postion
In the pocket of his worsted suit.
It ticked with a dominant ticking;
The fob-watch of a brute.
For The Man was the Head of the Household;
His every word was Law.
He was the Male, the Master,
The creature without a flaw.
His whiskers were wild and bushy,
And so were his beetle-brows;
His wife was meek and subservient,
'Obedience' one of her vows.
His children viewed him with terror,
Whenever they transgressed,
And the chain of his fob-watch glittered
Hanging on his barrel-chest.
He would take the watch out and shake it,
His patience wearing thin,
And glowering at a late child,
For lateness was a sin.
He'd return the watch to his pocket
And then unstrap his belt.
Who can guess at the poor child's misery
As before his father he knelt?
Of course, he visited prostitutes;
'A man has his appetites',
And many were his wife's lonely evenings,
And many her lonely nights.
And, through it all, the watch was ticking,
Ticking masculine power away,
At least in our society,
Right up until today.
There's a great deal wrong with the present day,
There's injustice and there's crime,
But many a Victorian Family
Would think our lives sublime.
The Christmas Season is piling-up around us. It's much more hectic than the same season in England. This is because it coincides with the end of the school year. (Schools start back in February.) So there are all the usual reports, concerts etc associated with that. And, even without considering school children, life seems to consist of a round of parties. The Merry Mellows went to one today, at a church hall in Cardiff (Oz, of course). We had a great time and a delicious meal and here are some photos of the event. 'Snow-White' is our 'pantomime' this year. We were fortunate to have Carole, our pianist, back with us again, after eye problems.
Snow-White, Joy, and Doc, Yvonne,  got on quite well.
The Prince (whose name was Vince) was very dashing. Another Joy, actually.
It all ended well. (The computer decided to choose its own order for the photos and I'm too lazy to correct it!)
Bebe, the wicked Queen emoted like mad!
Our extras.....the other six dwarves.....played along.
The Mirror, Pam, was very personal in her remarks.
The Boss Lady cracked her whip.
And then we all had lunch.
(The obligatory food photo. My relations in England say we seem to do nothing but eat!) 

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