Monday, December 3, 2012

Missing You



'I miss you' .......only words and very easily said.

Often scribbled on a letter
And very casually read.
But, if the thought's sincere,
There's physical pain as well,
The real sensation of missing
Can be a physical hell.
The 'missing', I remember,
Was actually self-inflicted.

I hadn't been rejected
Though rejection's often depicted.

I'd ended a relationship
That had lasted several years,.
And I had felt a great relief
Through  inevitable tears
The first few days were euphoric;
I'd done it! I was free!
Only an exciting future
Lay ahead of me.

Then the euphoria vanished!
I was alone and isolated!

  It was, simply, a vacuum
That I alone had created.
I remember the physical feelings,
The weakness and the pain,
The rock I carried where my heart had been
And I thought would never be again.
And yet I'd ceased to love him!
That was the amazing part!
Even so it was my one experience
Of having a broken heart.

I remember crying 'I miss you'
As I lay on the bedroom floor,

Not knowing that greater happiness
Certainly lay in store.
I'd compare it to an illness,
From which one must recover.
I suppose it's just the price one pays

For having had a lover.



A lake, a window, a bowling green,
Clouds and chairs! A bewildering scene!
What is where, and which is winning?
Where's the end? Where's the beginning?
I see a tree, I see a sail;
I see some clouds; I see a rail.
All of them jumbled up completely!
But one thing is behaving neatly.
There am I on the left, quite normal
Among this parade of the informal.

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