Saturday, December 22, 2012

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From the moment that I met you  
Oh how warm I felt!

Quickly! Take the baby,

I think he's going to melt!

Snowmen, too,

Bill and coo.


Poor old Julia! She can't take a trick!

It seems, next year, we'll give her the flick!

You see, she's made a few mistakes,

The sort that any Prime Minister makes,

 Except, of course, the alternative, Tony,

Who's never foolish, never phoney.

We devoutly hope for Tony's reign,

When things will never go wrong again.

He's saintly, but athletic too,

With a hint of the ladies'-man creeping through.

What joy! We'll say goodbye to red hair

And be ruled by a man who walks like a bear!

I like our system, it works so well;

A few mistakes and we give them hell,

But then, in only about a day,

We find the alternative's feet of clay!

Swings and roundabouts, cheers and groans,

Tossing bouquets, then throwing stones!

Happy Christmas to you, Julia!

Politics are very peculiar!

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