Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Warm Thoughts


Choosing a card

Was rather hard,

For, let's admit it,

I'm frugal.

So I gave a click

So I could pick

Something  on-line from Google.

I chose these three

Because, to me,

They look cherubic and cosy;

Though they're made of snow

They have a glow

Because their cheeks are rosy.

The words exude

My Christmas mood,

Not sloppy but explaining

Just how I feel;

The emotion's real

There's nothing that I'm feigning.

Is it face to face

Or in Cyberspace

 I've been lucky enough to meet you?

Whether near or far

On this little blue star,

It's with warm thoughts that I greet you.


I wish you all, 

Whether great or small,

The wonderful gift of sleep.

That 'sleeve of care'

That all of us wear,

Is eased when our sleep is deep.

Shakespeare declared

That woe is repaired

When we are deep in slumber,

And if dreams are sweet

They can defeat

Worries that may encumber.

And those of you

Who may feel blue

When awake in the deep dark night,

May soft melodies

Bring a welcome ease

And the moon bring a gentle light.

On this special day

I trust you may

Be refreshed by last night's repose,

May you be surrounded

By love unbounded

Until the day has its close.

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