Sunday, December 2, 2012



The pencil tickles the model's ear!
Surely that is rather queer.
How odd it would be if a work of art
Could play such a very reactive part!
I like the idea, and the artist's skill.
I'd like to draw but I never will.
But how I admire the work I see
When I am 'surfing' constantly!
(Not surfing the waves, you understand!
I am addicted to dry land!)
The expression here is quite endearing.......
He isn't wincing, shuddering, sneering;
He's very clearly 'tickled pink'.
 I would be too. What do you think?

Beverly @How Sweet The Sound


We carry images in our minds,
Predetermined perceptions;
Pictures formed we know not where
From various connections.
Africa...... those little huts
And an awful lot of sand;
Sweden, always crisp and cool,
With fir trees on every hand.
England...... little cottages
And twisty country lanes.
Egypt...... all those Pharaohs
And their opulent remains.
Yet I have travelled widely
And I know there is much more;
There are all those boring bits
We don't count in the score.
And there are things that just leap out 
And take us by surprise;
And oddities that show themselves
Right before our eyes.
However, the old images
I've carried in my brain,
Are still as lively as before
And that's how they'll remain.
And here we see America
As I hold it in my mind;
A scene that's the epitome
Of all I'd expect to find
If I were just transported
To some pleasant average town,
And I were left to view the place
By wandering up and down.
This is exactly the picture.....
That I'd expect to see;
Forget New York and Disneyland
This is America for me.


Dave King said...

Oh, I did enjoy this! You have reminded me of one hilarious occasion at art school when the lecturer drew the major stress line down the model's torso, using a brush loaded with blue paint. She was not amused!

Kay L. Davies said...

I love the "tickled" portrait poem, Brenda, and I agree with you about the house, although to me it is North American, not just the US of A.
When we see one of these houses, or a Victorian with wide verandas, my husband calls them "Kay houses"!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Ah to have a house like this. Here on the left coast we tend to live cheek by jowl.