Wednesday, December 26, 2012



Let us confess, it's never easy

Getting used to strangers.

Novel foods make us feel queasy!

So do unknown dangers.

This is true of every race;

We cling to our own tribe.

Attracted to a well-known face,

And a familiar vibe.

We are 'the others' to the rest,

They view us with alarm!

Those we know best we love the best;

With them we fear no harm.

All this is natural as can be

And we all learn to cope.

Meeting folk from over the sea

Gives us added scope.
But there are some whose fears are such

They rule their every thought;

Whose sense of anguish hurts so much

They are quite overwrought.

Hatred enters the picture then,

A desire to hurt and maim

Women, children, babies, men

Who are not quite the same.

They have a phobia of course

Their minds are quite unhinged

They long to rid themselves by force

Of those who have impinged.
Xenophobia is the fear

Of 'the different' and the new.

Enjoy the well-known and the near

But welcome strangers too.


(An Acrostic)

Reality? Why, death of course, with nothing at the end.

Everyone desires a way to stop this onward trend.

But hoping to be 'born again' in this world or in that

Is just a childish fantasy and not worth looking at.

Refer to nature.....birds and bees aren't known 'rise again.'!

Then why think things are different in the world of mortal men?

Heaven is a fairyland where our silly hopes have wings.

Let us just get on with life and think of other things!