Thursday, December 13, 2012

Against the Flow

(We are asked to use the three words in blue)


O.K.! So I'm abnormal. Maybe I'm a Scrooge!

Maybe your enthusiasm's absolutely huge!

I hate decorations! There! I've stated it out loud.

Maybe I'm the only dud in a loudly cheering crowd.

I think cold countries need them; they add a bit of glitter,

When the snow is  thick upon the ground and the wind is bitter.

But here, in Oz, where the sky is blue and everyone's in the pool,

I think bits of tinsel look the opposite of cool.

People dangle them all around and say they look fantastic,

But they proclaim themselves to be bits of cheap old plastic!

Some of them are lavish, with brightly twinkling lights

While others decorate gardens and think they've reached the heights.

We have a really lovely bush, the New South Wales Christmas tree,

And that is all that the locals need, or so it seems to me.

Flowering branches would be great to use as decorations.

Anyway, here's a message from your Scrooge.....

'Enjoy your celebrations!'

A Wreath made from the New South Wales Xmas Bush

(A Haiku)

The skyward magic

Between the leap and landing.

The mid-air glory.


RMP said...

lights and elaborate decorations are not for everyone. I, myself enjoy the subtle displays, but I agree that snowfall can transform them into stunning sights.

I really enjoyed the haiku as well. A little skyward magic, and maybe a click or two of the heels, sound quite fun.

Sheilagh Lee said...

to each its own. Here on Dec 21 is the shortest day of the year and as we lead into that each day the light gets shorter,Those pretty lights and ornaments give beauty and light to those dark days.

Lady In Read said...

i love the cheer the lights offer but just a little is enough for me..