Monday, December 10, 2012

The Blue Train



Probably you've read it,
But, if that's not true,
What is the literary message
Each cover sends to you?

Clearly the story's about a train
Steaming, whistling past.
Maybe the 'mystery's' the arrival time!
It's going pretty fast.

Ah no, the 'mystery' concerns this jewel;
It does look very expensive.
Wondering about the cost of it
Makes me very pensive.

A 'mystery' holiday! That's what
This tale is all about!
Arrival or departure?
It still leaves me in doubt.

Aha! I see it's a comedy!
The 'mystery' is under the sheet.
Only the luggage-rack above
Proves we're not out on the street.

A jewel again, but glamour
Is suggested at this time.
Maybe this is a sexy tale
Without any hint of crime.
I prefer the heading book.
Don't you agree with me
That the first one captures the atmosphere
Most successfully?


This cucumber looks full of pride and why should he not do so?
I wonder if you've realised that he can help you too, so..............

1. If your bathroom mirror's fogging up wipe it with a slice;
It then will shine as good as new; your reflection will look nice.

2. If your garden's full of pests take an aluminium tin
And slice some bits of cucumber and simply lay therein.
The scent arising from the tin and cucumber combined
Drives pests completely crazy and they'll run away, you'll find.

3. Do your shoes need cleaning? Cucumber will do them!
Each  shoe will shine as bright as day and the rain will not get to them!

4. A squeaky hinge? Why bother with some chemical improvement?
Cucumber will decrease the noise and then increase the movement!

The humble cucumber, my friends, can help you as a rule.
On top of that it's always absolutely cool!
It was our lovely Rebecca's birthday on Sunday, but we celebrated it on Saturday evening because Greg was going to be in a concert on the 9th. We went out to dinner and we gave her an easel and some other artistic items for her new hobby.

Daughter one day, son the next! Greg took part in another Big Band show. This time it was in the local church and I felt the music suited the large auditorium at Soldiers Point better. Even so, it was a terrific concert and I felt very proud of Greg, although he's not a leading player. The Glen Miller renditions sounded exactly like the original.

 Not very clear but Greg is second from the left on the front row.


Margaret Gosden said...

I don't recall this one, tho I have read most mysteries
ever written! Thank you! PS How wonderful that
it is Rebecca's birthday today - 10 of us, the whole family, are going to see the The Blue Man Group show,
instead of what might have been a pantomime* if we
lived in the UK . So, I shall think of both Greg and
Rebecca this afternoon, both! (*I don't know if pantomimes are performed nowadays). And I don't know if this blue group is Greg's cup-of-tea at all -
it is said to be very good. Fingers crossed for the
adults! And to think that today is past for you already!

Kay L. Davies said...

It's about time I read the Mystery of the Blue Train again. I'm sure I've read every Agatha Christie novel at least four times, some more than that. Not that she was a great writer, but oh, how that woman could plot. I'm great at dialogue, but plotting eludes me.
I didn't know that about cucumbers. Must try on my bathroom mirror!
And a concert including Glenn Miller music could only be enjoyable, according to the way I was brought up. My musician father felt sorry for me because I can't sing, can't learn to read music, am quite hopeless all around, so he taught me how to listen. When I was ten, I could recognize and name all the members of the Glenn Miller Band, although perhaps not his orchestra.
And birthdays...mine was December 1, and my husband owes me a dinner, because I wasn't well enough to go out. I think I'm improving, though. 2012 was an interesting year, I was sick more than I was healthy, so 2013 can only be an improvement.