Thursday, December 20, 2012




There are some who climb up mountains

Or swim in deepest seas,

They're the ones who never settle

To live a life of ease.

They are driven by a passion

For seeing what's round the bend.

These people have a way of life

Which they vigorously defend.

They, no doubt, feel rather scornful

Of the happy stay-at- home types

Who, in previous generations,

Favoured their slippers and their pipes.

There are those who live their whole lives through

Settled in one place,

Needing nothing more in life

Than this one well- known base.

Two disparate personalities,

One with the great desire

To search for new experiences

To set their lives on fire,

And the other with the gifts of peace

Serenity and content

Not caring when the other came,

Stayed a while, then went.

Society needs everyone, 

Balance in all things,

Some to stay in comfort

And some to spread their wings.



Carols By Candlelight have been

A feature of the Christmas scene

Here in Australia as long as I remember.

The summer nights are often hot

And people gather in a spot

To sing by candlelight all through December.


I took this photo in the park,

Where carolers met after dark,

When Blake was just a boy of five or six.

The mistiness was accidental

But I find the shot so sweet and gentle,

And not the result of photographic tricks.


The viewer, no doubt, pictures calm;

A quiet prayer, a hymn, a psalm,

But the truth was very far from that illusion.

There were people climbing in the trees,

People scoffing wine and cheese.....

All in all a picture of confusion!


It wasn't quite what we expected;

The Christmas Story was neglected

Pop-songs and popcorn seemed to rule the night.

But when I see this  lovely face

Life seems to go at a slower pace

And I know I somehow got the picture right.


We were on Grandparent duty today, the school holidays having started and Greg needing to go into work. The temperature was set to climb so we battened down the hatches, put on the air-con and set ourselves up with videos and board games. In the event, it wasn't broiling, merely steamy, so we went out to a fish restaurant for lunch. Neither of the boys need child seats any more so ferrying them about is a lot easier than it used to be.

Malcolm and the boys roamed among the fishing trawlers first.
Harry enjoyed his fish and chips.
Here  are Max and Harry proving they went to 'Mangrove Jack's'

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