Friday, December 21, 2012

Doomsday Already!


So! It's December the twenty-first.

And lots of people are fearing the worst

Just because, many yonks ago,

A Mayan said we would be laid low.....

That, indeed, and it wasn't a joke,

The whole world would go up in smoke!

Now, he never said that we'd go 'Kerboom!',

It was simply that he ran out of room!

Anyway, if you're feeling unsteady,

Remember, with us it's 'the date' already!

Here, in the southern hemisphere,

Everything is calm and clear.

God hasn't roared, and an asteroid

Hasn't made us null and void!

I suppose it could be that we're 'the saved',

While the rest of you are so depraved

That you deserve wiping off the map

By some supernatural mishap!

Oh well, we'll soon find out I suppose.

When it's your morning will it disclose

Your charred remains, while we have fun

And simply go out and enjoy the sun?

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