Saturday, December 15, 2012



As a child it's bad to be grounded,

To be punished by staying indoors

When friends are out playing so freely

And this great limitation is yours.

Are children thus punished in these days?

'You're grounded!' parents say that

When Johnny speaks rudely to Daddy

Or does something cruel to the cat?

But if we are adults and grounded

It means we're not often misled

By fame or by fortune or smooth talk

We have things quite straight in our head.

Early fame is a hard thing to cope with,

Many pop stars go right off the rails,

But anyone grounded is certain

To prosper when fickle fame fails.


You always knew he travelled far

Around the world  and back

With his famous reindeer

And his bulging sack.

Well, most of you live in the north

So here  I give you proof.

Santa riding in a summer sky

Over a famous roof.

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