Monday, December 31, 2012

Down the Gurgler/Contrast


Watch it going down the gurgler!

Another year will flush away.

Even though we have enjoyed it

It refuses, point blank, to stay.

We may say 'Please! Please don't age me!

Let me stay this age a while!'

Time (some say it's non-existent)

Gives a sardonic little smile.

We may say 'It's been delightful!

I just can't bear this year to end!'

Time will merely shrug its shoulders

And keep on flowing round the bend.

Maybe this year's had its moments

Of agony and deep despair;

You just long for its dismissal

Feeling its cupboard now is bare.

All of us, are now united 

In facing up to what might be

When Time moves us, ever hopeful,

Into the year Two Oh One Three.



Out there the bustle and the sea.

In here there's only little old me.

Out there the sounds of roar and rush.

In here me, in my very own hush.

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