Thursday, December 20, 2012

To a Birdbath

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As I wing my way across the skies

And see the ground all parched below

A glorious sight assails my eyes,

And eagerly I swoop down low.

Oh birdbath! What a boon thou art

To feathered creatures such as I!

No wonder that we quickly dart

To slake our thirsts before we fly!

Feathers cleansed and hearts uplifted,

With watery pleasures we are gifted.


It's too hot for a thick red suit

And a bright red fur-trimmed hat

But when it's time for Christmas gifts

Who cares about that?

The children in Australia

Don't care about the weather.

Christmas means a lot of fun

With the family all together.

But if you come to our country

Don't expect a kangaroo

To carry Santa in the night

When he gives your gifts to you!

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