Friday, December 28, 2012




'Why X?' you say 'It makes no sense.

After all it's just a letter.

Surely something scientific

Would have suited it much better!'

Let's look into the history

For that will make it clear

That 'X' is much more sensible

Than at first it may appear.
Rontgen, in eighteen-ninety-five,

Made a discovery

He found a ray to photograph bones

Found it accidentally.
That last word gives the game away

Yes, Rontgen was surprised.

How could the mystery ray he'd  found

Be properly categorized?
'Whatever can we call it?'

Said Rontgen 'In my view

X is a mystery letter.

Yes, X-ray  will do.'



It seems that to be Presidential

A he-man image is essential

Mr Putin seems quite sure

That that's what folk are looking for.

Muscles, sinews and derringer-do

And a cocky carriage too

Plus outfits that are most impressive,

If sometimes a little bit excessive,

Seem, for him, to do the trick.

He appears in charge and slick.

When set-pieces are organised

All his admirers are surprised

As he guides geese across the skies

Or fights with men who're twice his size.

It seems the ladies ooh and aah......

Well, you know what Russian ladies are.

The more his life seems brisk and stressful,

So he seems to be successful.

Other leaders, take a look!

Take a leaf out of Putin's book!